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Paper Doc

specializing in movie posters, art and collectable memorabilia restoration and preservation. the conservation, restoring, preserving, and repair of collectible art; vintage movie posters, animation cells,movie paper, historical documents, art and collectibles. preserved art, poster conservations, restored documents

Paper is not only a constant companion in our everyday lives, but also the most important information medium we have known for many centuries. It has allowed the permanent capture of texts and images; inks, printing inks, painting materials and bonding agents as well as traces of work and use are fixed on it.Paper is made from organic material and is therefore subject to natural ageing processes, which can be accelerated by external influences such as climate, light, air pollution, contamination and mechanical stress. 

The raw ingredients of modern papers are different from those that were available when Europe’s first paper mills came into being.

A rag paper from that time could last for centuries because its raw ingredients were mostly obtained from non-wood plant components; long-fibre materials were combined with natural and chemically neutral adhesives. 

Modern papers present the conservator with other problems, such as rapid ageing due to the high lignin content. Furthermore, modern papers are increasingly frequently refined, so that factors other than ageing per se also play a role. 

The task of the paper conservator goes beyond merely identifying the state of preservation of the paper and acting accordingly because an object entrusted to him is also an information medium. Consequently, the paper interacts with other materials because, for example, it is written, painted or printed on. It is also frequently combined with other materials such as wood and leather, especially in a book.  

The aim of conservation work is to retain information by stabilising the carrier material. 

Conservational and reconstructive work always means intervening in the substance of the original and is based on knowledge of historical techniques and materials. Arbeiten bedeuten stets einen Eingriff in die Substanz des Originals und 

The Studio for Paper Conservation undertakes to use ageing-resistant, acid-free materials and resources and to use reversible materials in the structure and object surfaces to the greatest possible degree. The use of chemical substances, such as bleaching agent, is kept to an absolute minimum. 

After 7 successful years of work in Leverkusen, the Studio has changed locations – and was very fortunate to find a new home in the wonderful, historic old town of Remscheid-Lennep.  Our customers, new and old, have continued to be supported from here since April 2007.The variety of objects is large; in addition to books and graphics, there are paper toys such as optical toys, containers, folders and cases made from board and leather, large formats such as film posters, scroll paintings and historic wallpapers.Another focal point of the work is the conversational support given to exhibits during the setup of temporary exhibitions in museums.Take a little time to learn about the world of paper conservation at work.

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