Dr. Jerry L. Parks Dept. Of History Lexington Feedback


Hi Markus:
I could not let the day pass without thanking you once again for making the purchase of this autograph possible for our school and our students. I have to tell you a quick story!

I had dropped off (at our school) the package you sent us, since the person in charge of framing it works there also. She is a professional framer, and a big fan of Napoleon! I was leaving the parking lot when she called my phone and insisted I come back into her room.

When I reached her, she stood amazed at the beautiful signature, picture, etc. But she could not stop marveling at the professional packaging and care you put into mailing it to us. She expressed that in her many years at our school, she had never been quite so impressed. I cannot agree more!

Markus, you and your company are First Class in every way! Your professionalism is only exceeded by the undeserved kindness you showed us in June. The autograph and picture are currently being framed with legacy (protective) ‘archival’ glass and matting. Our maintenance crew is ready to permanently secure the finished frame to our library wall.

I’ve already submitted a review for you, but I only wish I had added more positives, and if you ever need a professional reference, I will gladly supply one for you. Thank you one more time! Our students will be returning in few weeks, and are anxious to see what we are preparing for them!

Dr. Jerry L. Parks
Dept. Of History
Lexington Christian Academy
Lexington, KY

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    Editors Choice

    Marilyn Monroe
    An exquisite photograph with impeccable provenance and a great cinematic association - inscribed by Monroe to the "Marilyn" that occasionally appeared on-screen to the viewers of River of No Return.

    5038693 -_1Signed vintage glossy photograph of Marilyn Monroe with her stand-in body double, Dorothy Skelton, on the set of River of No Return - the image shows the pair playfully posing together next to a spotlight, wearing identical costumes of jeans and floral-print blouses, with the scenery of their Jasper, Alberta, filming location in the background. Attractively double-suede-matted and framed to an overall size of 15,75 x 17,75 inch, with overall creases smoothed such that they are hardly noticeable from distance - in fine condition. Provenance: Consigned by Dorothy Skelton herself. Monroe injured her ankle during filming in Canada and was ultimately put in a cast, presumably making her body double an even more important asset to the filmmakers.

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