NBA Global Games 2014 in Berlin

Written by Adrian Jeżewski on Mittwoch, 07 Januar 2015. Posted in Hunting Channel

written by Adrian Jeżewski

NBA Global Games 2014 in Berlin was great opportunity for basketball fans to obtain autographs from members of NBA Champions San Antonio Spurs. A game was planned on 8th October, but the team already arrived to Berlin on 5th October. I came to capitol of Germany 1 day later. It gave me more than a 2 days to collect.  Players, coaches and stuff stayed in The Ritz Carlton Hotel, well-situated in the city centre, not so far Grosser Tiergarten or Brandenburg Tor, what furthered to coming out of hotel.

In fact, it has happened. Apart from trips on trainings, Spurs members visited city quite often  in their spare time. There were dozen or so chances to asking for autographs eminent players from NBA. Boris Diaw, Aron Baynes, Marco Belinelli or special guests on this event George Gervin and Sean Elliott were outstandingly kind and always signed everything what you want. They absolutely have not had no problem with posing for a photos as well. Furthermore, coach Gregg Popovich which is living legend of basketball was pleasant for fans as him assistant Ettore Messina. Tiago Splitter and Patty Mills have been injured and they did not come out so much as others, but if they did, Brazilian and Australian signed. Only charge is Splitter used short version of his autograph sometimes. Ginobili and Bonner usually were in rush, but they were signing once or twice daily.

On the other hand Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker have refused signing in general. As far as I know Kawhi signed just for 1 person next to hotel and Parker did for 3 people. I was in that lucky group, but I have not Leonard's signature. I got another autograph from French playmaker, but it was in O2 Arena during half-time break when he went on the floor. Tim Duncan always refused signing near the hotel. However, he had meeting with fans in any Adidas Store in Berlin. I deeply believe he was signing there as he did on warm-up before the game.

On Game Day as much funs gathered around entrance to the hotel players and coaches were or 'played' too busy to sign. Unexpectedly, there was possible to meet Commissioner NBA Adam Silver and former commissioner David Stern.

To sum up, San Antonio Spurs visit was absolutely great. Generally most of players and coaches were friendly and let fans have their own souvenirs from Berlin. 

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