Autograph Dealer of the Year 2010

on Sonntag, 23 Januar 2011. Posted in Brandes Autographs News

We are very proud to become AFTAL Autograph Dealer 2010.

After it was already a big honor for us to become nominated from the AFTAL board it was really exciting when ex James Bond Girl Carole Ashby opened the envelope to mention the winner of the Nomination.

Our name turned up and we had been ask for the stage where we received this AFTAL Award. Although it was not easy to hold a speech in English it turned after some difficulties rather well and soon time later Leslie Nielsen ("The Naked Gun") as well as Tippi Heren (Alfred Hitchock's "The Birds") congratulate me.

It was a incredibile evening and we thank all people who vote for us and we promise that we will try our best to support your collection as well in future.

Thank you very much !

Markus Brandes


Annual Awards


In 2010 AFTAL decided it was time that some of our dealers where rewarded in some way for the time and effort they put into their business's.

The board decided on 4 awards to be presented at the Autographica event in Birmingham in May 2010 and drew up a list of possible winners which excluded all current board members, and then discussed and voted on each one to give a short list of nominations. The AFTAL Dealers were then asked to vote in secret for their choice from the list and Dealers could not vote for themselves, and the voting was counted by just one person (not an AFTAL member) and the winners remained unknown to anyone other than the chairman until the actual presentation.

The winners names were read out and awards presented at the evening dinner by various guests at the show. The turnout was better than expected with all the winners being present. Dealer of the year was won by Markus Brandes by just a single vote from Lester Freeman. Lester was unable to make the dinner due to his attendance at another event, but admitted that he had actually voted for Markus himself!

The Outstanding Achievement Award was given to Bob McCluskey for his work in both raising money for various Liverpool based charities, and his thankless work against the forgers on both eBay and elsewhere. His award was presented to him by no less a person than Fred Haise of Apollo 13 fame.



Annual Awards Annual Awards

Dealer Of the Year: Markus Brandes and Carol Ashby (James Bond)




Markus_und_Tippi_Hedren   Hedren


Markus with Tipi Hedren (Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds")



Markus with Leslie Nielsen