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Autograph Collecting Report - Berlinale film festival 2012

on Dienstag, 21 Februar 2012. Posted in Brandes Autographs News, Hunting Channel

Merryl Streeb, Sharukh Khan, Antonio Banderas, Salmy Hayek and many more...

Autograph Collecting at the Berlinale film festival was difficult this year. During the cold weather celebrities didn't stay long time outside but we still have some great success while many stars had been kind and friendly and signed some wonderful photographs for us.
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  • Pattinson
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  • Christian Bale
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  • B.B.Thornton
  • R.Culkin
  • P.Gregory & I.Huppert

Antonio Banderas
He had been very friendly and signed for many fans in Berlin. Unfortunately you can't get much more as his short "AB" signature nowaday.

Billy Bob Thornton

had been very kind to autograph collector's and wrote many autographs. 

In this video you could hear that he rent a German Video recently and joked with the autograph hunters that he could understand each German word.

Rory Culkin
was not easy to collect. The "small brother" of MacCauley Culkin. It was not possible to get him at every meeting.

Julia Garner
similar as with Rory Culkin even Newcomer actress are not always friendly and enjoy autograph requests.

Liam Aiken
Usually he had been very friendly but the bodyguards and company turned him often not to sign autographs.

Rachel Prard
Similar as Liam Aiken although in the night she was very kind to 3 autograph collector's and signed everything, as her mother stand close to her and and enjoyed our waiting for her. 

Isabelle Huppert
She is always nice to fans and autograph collector's and signed at nearly each opportunity but unfortunately just with a very short and sloopy signature.

Charlotte Rampling
She was friendly and signed autographs at the arrival as well as during the premiere. During other meetings it was not easy.

John Michel Amedori
He is acting in the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Last Stand" and was still kind and friendly although signature is really short. It will be exciting to see what happens after the cooperation with Arnold Schwarzenegger...

Selma Hayek
A beautiful lady which is an autograph collector will never understand.  To some collector's she refuse to sign a particular image with the words  „I NEVER sign this picture". A few meters further she sign for another autograph collector the exact same image with a smile and the words "That's my favorite picture". Crazy :) 

Keanu Reeves
As usual he was tough to obtain. During the arrival at the airport he refused to sign autographs. During the premiere he signed just for a few fans. The only good opportunity had been after dinner at the restaurant or at other promotions. He signed just 1 autograph per person and a candid photograph with him together had been close to impossible this time.

Theo Alexander
Tough signer ! He wrote just 1x on each meeting but luckily had been for one week in Berlin. 

Melissa Leo
She was a kind signer and enjoys to write autographs. She signed usually two autographs on each opportunity.

Ty & Ryan Simpkins

Both had a signing session after her movie and had been very nice and friendly and Ty still have a beautiful and nice children signature but that will change soon as just did with Ratcliffe. 

Andie MacDowell
she war very nice and signed (nearly) by each second meeting :)

Zhang Yimou
is superb to autograph collector's and has a exceptional beautiful and large signature.

Christian Bale
He was in a very good mood at the Berlinale. He signed many photographs and even did candid photographs with fans autograph autograph collector's which was rather uncommon for him. Maybe it was because his family had been in Berlin as well ?

Steven Soderbergh

as always he is very friendly and kind and signed for most fans and autograph collector's ! TOP

Lea Seydoux
She was difficult to catch beside the office and known meetings but when you get her there she was kind and signed many. 

Antonia Capbell-Hughes
She did not sign much in Berlin. She still has a beautiful signature and we all hope that this style won't change too fast.

John Hurt
was busy with autograph collector's but friendly signed every autograph request.

James Marsh
Signed at many opportunities autographs but just had just a few at the premiere of his own movie - maybe it had been too cold in Berlin.

Christina Ricci
She signed just a few at the press conference as well as the premiere.

Patton Oswald
was one of the most difficult autographs this year. He always refused to sign with the words "NO NO NO" on his lips. Unfortunately if such a cool actor fro the cult serious "king of queens" shows this way and not friendly to fans and collector's.

Vincent Palo
Had been very friendly and signed particular many autographs at the premiere.

Javier Bardem
was mainly friendly during his premiere and signed there a few. Although at the back entrance of the cinema he signed. We followed him to the hotel where he hadn't been too busy anymore and there you could do even a picture with him.

Gina Carano
She first friendly and signed much during the first day but the next days she refused more and more.

Tsui Hark
had been nice and signed at the hotel and press conference.

Kwai Lun-Mei
She was particular nice at the press conference and signed there many autographs.

Mikkel Boe Folsgaard
The winner of the  „Goldenen Bären“ signed many autographs at the hotel. During the eventing at the premiere it was very difficult.

Robert Pattinson
He was a big surprise and exception kind to fans. At the press conference he signed a long time and even arrived earlier to stay with his fans. Unfortunately you hardly get more than 1 letter "R" signature in the meanwhile which looks always different. At his premiere he signed many autographs as well. Great if he could just change his signature and write slightly more... 

at the press conference: 

Craig Roberts
Signed particular much at his film premiere until he was pushed away from his company. 

Ashley Hinshaw
signed particular many autographs at her film premiere.

Elena Krausz
She signed friendly autographs.

christo dimassis
also very kind to autograph collector's and signed many autographs in Berlin. 

Claudio Santamaria
He signed a couple of photographs at the red carpet until he had been pushed to the press to give interviews. Great that he still keep his beautiful long signature.

Clive Owen
As always he is was a very tough signer ! It was possible to obtain his autograph at the arrival at the airport as well as at the press conference and premiere. However more than 1 per person had not been possible. 

Juliette Binoche
She is always friendly and signed at nearly every meeting one photograph per person. 

Katharine LaNasa
She was very kind and signed even many autographs if requested.

Victoria Abril
She had been particular nice at the film premiere at the red carpet

Reda Kateb
was always very friendly and looks like she really enjoys to write autographs.

Agathe Bonitzer
She was particular kind and signed many autographs at the hotel. 

Joana Kulig
was very friendly and signed many autographs in Berlin.

Saul Williams
He was in a very good mood and signed many autographs in Berlin at different meetings.

Andrea Riseborough
She was particular nice at her arrivals but signed at the red carpet as well some autographs

Jason Reitman
First he refuse to sign portrait photograph but at the next meeting it was possible and he signed portraits.

Xavier Beauvois
First he tried to sign every photograph with a personal dedication which he did on the first 20-25 autographs. Later he justed signed with his autograph as there had been simply too many requests.

Noemie Lvovsky
She was particular nice at the arrival and signed many autographs

Sharukh Khan
The living Bollywood legend had been simply great ! To our knowledge he missed the plane from Mumbai and arrived two hours later as expected in Berlin. At the Fridrichsstadtpalast he stayed maybe one hour together with his fans, shaked hands, made candid photos and simply enjoyed to sign autographs and chat with fans. He is our BERLINALE star and we would give him not the "golden pen" this year :) , Thank you Sharukh - You are the greatest !

Volker Schlöndorff
He is always in a good mood and signed many autographs

Virginie Ledoyen
She is a really beautiful girl and I particular remember her in the movie "The Beach". Unfortunately I could just meet her once at the arrival where she signed a couple of autographs

Rade Serbedzija
Although the demand for "Harry Potter" actors is very he he signed friendly nearly every autograph request ! Great !

Arben Bajraktaraj
Another Harry Potter actor who had been very kind and friendly. He signed every photograph. Thank you !

Riz Ahmed
While he was very kind when you asked him for the first autograph, he turned to be very angry when you asked for a second one and through the pen on the floor

Adele Haenel
was very kind and signed particular a few photographs at the arrival. Unfortunately the signature is very poor and when you tried a second photo you just hear "enough" !!

Brillante Mendoza
was very kind and signed many autographs at every meeting

Sid Luzero
was very kind and signed many autographs at every meeting

Antonio Banderas
He signed autographs but was not easy to obtain. Sad that he reduce his signature just to a "AB" and it is impossible to get any beautiful large signature anymore

Aissa Maiga
very kind and friendly and she signed at her arrival at the airport 4 beautiful photographs

Vanessa Glodjo
she signed many autographs in Berlin 

Meryl Streep
As usual she was not easy and the autograph demand was huge. The best opportunity had been at the restaurant where she signed a few. There I could also get one photograph signed on a Margarete Thatcher image.  We tried everything but at the premiere she only shaked hands as well as a few at the press conference but there she used a bad pen so the signatures doesn't look very nice


Mike Leigh – signed on each meeting one photograph
Asghar Farhadi – signed many autographs
Boualem Sansal – signed many autographs
barbara Sukowa – signed many autographs
anton corbijn –very friendly as usual and signed autographs at every meeting.

Charlotte Gainsbourgh hat been together with Jale Gyllenhale 
had been difficult autographs to obtain. The reason had been that Jale carried his child in front of him which made it close to impossible to sign autographs which everybody surely can understand. 

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  • Michelle Yeoh signing autographs at Berlinale
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