Autograph Collecting at Monaco Grand Prix 2011

on Sonntag, 29 Mai 2011. Posted in Hunting Channel

Every year the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco is the amazing Highlight of the season. It is like a paradise, where you can collect autographs. There are many opportunities to meet the stars. E.g. at the charity soccer match, around the many yachts in the harbor, at the Hugo Boss-Party or at a prêt-a-porter. There is always something an amazement!


Sebastian Vettel was the star of the weekend. Most of the fans and collectors were focussed on him, so the trouble around him was incredible. With great joy it was to observe how relaxed he is, always trying to fulfil all requests. This wasn’t always possible, but he tried. Great to see how earth grounded Sebastian is.



Normal you would not read any comment on him at this place. But today I can tell you that he kindly signed several photographs for my girl friend.




Lewis was difficult to collect. He seemed to be arrogant and bored. Sometimes he was reachable, but the he wrote just autograph per collector, particularly with a very short signature. Papers and cards were always signed nicely.


Jenson was good to collect. But you have to have a lot of luck to meet him. He signed one photograph only, always in the same condition. In contrast to Lewis he always has been kind.


Surprisingly Alonso was in a good mood. He was the one of the top drivers who signed best. But he only signed one autograph per meeting.


Massa was tougher to get than Alonso. Most of the time he wrote the short version of his signature. Regretfully he always was in a hurry, but sometimes two autographs were possible.


As every year Schumacher was the toughest driver to collect. In one situation we were waiting three hours for him to get NO autographs. Otherwise he was to get once a day, if you know where to stay.


In the meantime Rosberg became very difficult to obtain. He is writing less autographs, very ugly. It’s a pitty that this became like that. More than one autograph per day was impossible.


Heidfeld was always good to collect. He is fulfilling every autograph request, always friendly. That’s fun!




Petrov was extremely good to collect at the charity football match. There he wrote the full version of his signature. The rest of the days he signed shortly. Two autographs per meeting were possible.



The phantom of Monaco. We never met him this year.


hand Maldonade was good to collect. Then he wrote several autographs. But on the other hand there have been situations where he only wrote one photograph. All in all it was OK to collect him. The question is, when this will change.


Similiart o Heidfeld he is a perfect driver to collect. He is always friendly he writes willingly. The effect was suberb.

di Resta:

Di Resta was the one of the new drivers who was most difficult to get. He is always escaping when he sees fans. If you ask him kindly for an autograph, he says that he has not time. But two autographs per day were possible.


In the meantime he changed his behaviour. So he only signs one autograph per collector. If you are able to play tricks on him, you get several photographs signed. He simply should not realize that there is always the same person asking for an autograph.


Perez was good to collect. Currently he is traded as a top talent and upcoming star. So we should try to get as many autographs as possible before he will write not the much and nice.

Buemi & Alguersuari:

Both of the Toro Rosso drivers are always signing autographs. With a lot of patience they sign nearly everything. That’s nice but without any challenge


He is not driving for a top team anymore but is behaving like that. He is writing less, sometimes ugly and is stamping every collectors face.


Trulli is always signing one or two autographs. A warhorse driver who has reached the end of his career.


Karthikeyan was writing very nice. He was happy to meet to writer, so it is to assume that he doesn’t sign that much and nice for everyone.


You can say the same about him like about Karthikeyan. We know each other for such a long time, so signing is alright.


D’Ambrosio has got a very short signature but he is writing willingly. Severy autographs were possible.


Similiart to Barrichello we have not met him.

Legend drivers:

Many legendary drivers were in Monaco. E.g. Jackie Stewart, Mika Häkkinen, Ricardo Patrese, Alain Prost (who we did not meet), … All of them were very kind. Only Jackie Stewart is nowadays just singing one autograph per meeting. Häkkinen wrote his full signature (The Flying Finn). Great!

All in all it was another great time we spent in Monaco. We are glad to be at Monaco in 2012 again. There we will experience more exciting situations and legends. That is Monaco for!

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