Working on your want list

on Sonntag, 10 April 2011. Posted in About us

Let us find the autographs you are looking for while we stand 100% personally behind their authenticity.

For the infrequent or inexperienced buyer just the thought of sourcing a genuine autograph for pleasure or as a special gift should set all the alarm bells ringing. It can be an absolute minefield out there with hundreds of dealers / internet auction sites waiting to snare all but the best informed. The inexperienced buyer is 80% likely to run the risk in haste of buying a fake or overvalued item.

For the genuine buyer needing professional help we can help remove all the pitfalls and worries associated with this. We will source free of charge that special item for you through our experienced and proven network of known registered dealers and contacts.

Just fill in the form providing the requested details and we will do the rest. If it is possible we will source the item without obligation for you; we will then send you a scan location and price. Only on your confirmation that you wish to make a purchase will you be required to pay in full for the item itself.

Obviously sometimes this can be a very time consuming occupation so serious and genuine buyers only please;