Let us sell autographs for you !

on Freitag, 14 Januar 2011. Posted in Buying and Selling

Get great prices when a trustful autograph dealer with numerous international contacts sells your items

In many cases we have to refuse interesting items because we could not expect the demand for them or have already similar items available.

Most autograph dealers just choose the most important names while most of the second choices are not estimated in value.  If you are not looking for a prompt sale and payment we highly suggest to use our consignment service.

    In our and collector’s experience those sales are very satisfy for both sites and we kindly ask you to view our testimonials from estates and sales we could realize in the past.


    • Each of your items will be sold in our own interest to  the highest possible marketprice
    • You can ask any time for a prompt payment of your sale results which are visible in a special section of your profile.
    • Get big discounts on purchased from your credit on our website
    • All items are offered at further marketplaces like EBAY, Amazon, Abebooks and others without additional costs.
    • Each item will be carefully authenticated and we are responsible for the authenticity


    • Only items of a single value of at least 20 Euro could be accepted
    • Items which are not sold after 1 year are required to reduce in price or move to the reserve auction
    • Items which are not sold after 18 months will be returned with a charge of 2 Euro for every returned item to share the costs and fees for them with us as well.
    • Consignments could be refused without any reasons.



    Jörg Schmidt (per E-Mail)

    Dear Mr. and Mrs Brandes,

    Over a period of over 30 years I have collected a large assortment of autographs. For lack of space and time I have decided to limit myself to selective areas and to close the other areas.
    In search of a possibility to sell a part of my collection I established contact with you as your name was associated with autographs to me very well since a long time. 
    You made me a very aquitable and suitable offer to sell on commission which I accepted and did not regret. I am very satisfied with your setting of rates, terms and conditions as well as the obtained results. The transaction is always quick, transparent and unimpeachable. Therefor I would like to thank you very much indeed and I am looking forward to continue the good cooperation.

    Kind regards
    Jörg Schmid