Collecting F1 autographs at Monaco 2015

on Sonntag, 31 Mai 2015. Posted in Hunting Channel

Mercedes AMG

Lewis Hamilton has become the most arrogant person inside the F1 paddock. He did not sign photographs at all, especially large ones. He ignored them at any time. He only did sign a few programmes, papers and other fan stuff. There was no chance to get an photograph signed at all.
Nico Rosberg was a sort of kind to the fans and collectors but I still won’t comment details.


Sebastian is now THE superstar beside Lewis Hamilton. His drive for Ferrari made him even bigger. He is still one of a kind, but it is obvious that he is not able to fulfill every autograph request. And it is still awesome how kind he behaves in general. But his autograph on Ferrari photographs will get rarer than Red Bull Racing signed ones.

Kimi Räikkönen behaved like always. Especially at Monaco he is the toughest driver to collect. I met him in a calm moment late at night at a secret place. There he signed one autograph.

Red Bull Racing

Daniel Ricciardo was always in a rush, but he tried to sign as much as he can. Regretfully his signature becomes more and more ugly. More than autograph per meeting became very difficult.

Daniil Kvyat is still a good signer regarding to the quantity. But his signature is also becoming faster and faster. In calm moments he signed up to 10 photographs in a row.

Williams Martini F1

Felipe Massa now rights his short signature in a new way. It looks like “M”, but in a different way as in the past. He signed that ugly version most of the time. In a calm moment only he signed his full version.

Valtteri Bottas is the kindest top driver beside Vettel. Valtteri tries to sign anything at any time. But this will change when he reaches his first F1 win.


Fernando Alonso seemed a bit unreal to me. He behaves strange. On time he signed a lot after leaving the paddock, but during the signing he was very absent and aggressive. Really strange. Another time he ignored all fans and signed nothing. Well that’s Fernando. In the end I like him a lot.

Jenson Button was not that kind this time. He signed sometimes, but he was always running and signing ugly. The years before he signed more.

Force India

Nico Hülkenberg was still signing anything. Up to 10 photographs in a row. Very kind person.

Sergio Perez signed more than in the past, but only during the first days. On Saturday he started to ignore large photographs. But all in all I was satisfied with his signings. More than two ones per meeting is not possible.

Toro Rosso

Max Verstappen was one of the toughest signers at Monaco, even during his official autograph session. There he only signed his autograph cards. When meeting him he signed only 1-2 autographs. This behavior is not common for new drivers. But I have to say that he really was hunted like Lewis.

Carlos Sainz signed a lot, although his autograph became faster during the days at Monaco. Sometimes he refused to sign more than 2-3 autographs.


Romain Grosjean singed OK, but sometimes it was not easy to realize that he was signing his autograph. The normal version of it is not nice at all, but from time to time he only wrote “R”.

Pastor Maldonado has a bad signature and he didn’t sign much. That’s no fun to me.


Felipe Nasr was friendly, but he was not willing to sign more than two autographs per meeting. He behaved like a typical Brazilian. They really don’t like signing autographs.

Marcus Ericsson was a very good signer and signed anything. Great!


Both Manor drivers Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi were very kind. Stevens really has a nice signature, but Merhi doesn’t. They signed a lot.

F1 Test and Development Drivers

They all were very kind. It was interesting to meet Carmen Jorda of Lotus. Jolyon Palmer has a ugly signature, Kevin Magnussen only signed 2-3 autographs, Raffaele Mariciello signed all Ferrari and Sauber motives and Susie Wolff seemed to be a bit unwilling to sign, but she did.

Ex-F1 Drivers

It is always a pleasure to meet the good old drivers like Jackie Ickx, Jackie Stewart, Jacques Laffite, Martin Brundle or Johnny Herbert. They all were very kind. Only Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve and Mika Häkkinen didn’t sign a lot. A very special moment was to meet Patrick Tambay. Due to his illness it was tough to sign for him, but he tried and was very kind.


I was able to collect Paris Hilton and George Lukas. Paris signed well, George Lukas looked at everybody’s face to make sure that each collector only gets one autograph.