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When Obama signs a bill he doesn’t always use his own hand

on Wednesday, 06 May 2015. Posted in General Autograph News, Autograph forgeries

When Obama signs a bill he doesn’t always use his own hand
Just because the president signs legislation into law, doesn’t mean the president actually signs the legislation.

A brief guide to Winston Churchill facsimile letters

on Tuesday, 23 September 2014. Posted in Autograph forgeries

by Garry King

A brief guide to Winston Churchill facsimile letters
As both a collector and dealer I am always on the lookout for anything signed by Churchill, so every week I do a search for items signed by Winston Churchill on ebay, and each week I come across the same signed “authentic” letters that are a little less than “authentic” They may have come from Winston Churchill’s office, but they were certainly not written or signed by him.

Historians unravel mystery of cryptic Lincoln note

on Saturday, 08 March 2014. Posted in General Autograph News

Historians believe they’ve unraveled the mystery of a cryptic note Lincoln penned that doesn’t identify the recipient by name and has a section clipped out.

George Washington's Thanksgiving proclamation to sell for $12m?

on Tuesday, 08 October 2013. Posted in General Autograph News

Washington's Thanksgiving proclamation may be the most valuable American document

George Washington's original proclamation establishing the first federal Thanksgiving Day is set to break records at Christie's on November 14.

On Lincoln`s Mind: A plea for help from the frontier

on Thursday, 19 September 2013. Posted in General Autograph News

The Papers of Abraham Lincoln Posted Sep 19, 2013 @ 01:01 AM

Editor’s note: With Nov. 19 marking the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, The Papers of Abraham Lincoln will feature letters to or by Lincoln, written between the end of Battle of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863, and his famous speech. 

Lincolns letter took a long mysterious path to Tacoma

on Saturday, 24 August 2013. Posted in General Autograph News

Published: August 24, 2013

A copy of letter from Abraham Lincoln written to a nephew in Oregon in 1860, then photo-copied - literally - onto two glass negatives around World War I in Tacoma. Not seen since then, those negatives were re-discovered this year by the Tacoma Historical Society, which was going through dozens of donated boxes of negatives.

Obama's signature - is it real or has it signed by an autopen ?

on Thursday, 23 June 2011. Posted in General Autograph News

Overseas and out of reach when lawmakers passed an extension of certain provisions of the Patriot Act it had been signed by an autopen

Obama's signature - is it real or has it signed by an autopen ?


WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s the open secret that nobody in government wants to talk about: That cherished presidential signature that‘s tucked away in a scrapbook or framed for all to see might never have passed under the president’s hand.

All the Presidents’ Memorabilia

on Tuesday, 27 January 2015. Posted in General Autograph News


All the Presidents’ Memorabilia
Jordan M. Wright’s collection of political memorabilia is unquestionably prodigious.

Consisting of perhaps a million-plus items, amassed over four decades, it includes an assortment of ephemera like a George W. Bush piñata and a portrait of Lincoln made of seed and saplings, but also legions of important historical artifacts, like a George Washington picture flag from his swearing in and a purse with a Warren G. Harding logo that was used to attract newly enfranchised female voters.

President Harding’s steamy love letters with Carrie Phillips to go on display

on Saturday, 05 July 2014. Posted in General Autograph News

By Michael E. Ruane

On Christmas Eve, 1910, future president Warren G. Harding got out a photograph of himself, and on the back wrote an impassioned love note to his mistress.

Long-forgotten Oswald files resurface in Dallas

on Tuesday, 15 October 2013. Posted in General Autograph News


Long-forgotten Oswald files resurface in Dallas
DALLAS — Files containing historic documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy were presented to Dallas County officials on Tuesday.

200 years later, George Washington finally gets his presidential library

on Thursday, 26 September 2013. Posted in General Autograph News

By Michael E. Ruane, Published: September 27

The new president of the United States got out his copy of the Acts of Congress, turned to the Constitution and looked up his duties.

Museum gift fills out Lincoln family's story

on Sunday, 15 September 2013. Posted in General Autograph News

The documents offer a new layer of understanding to the 16th president's often-overshadowed descendants, museum officials said Saturday.

By Jonathan Bullington, Tribune reporter, 6:56 a.m. CDT, September 16, 2013

More than 70 documents belonging to Abraham Lincoln's family have joined the collection at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, officials there said.

The Case of the Disappearing Documents

on Friday, 30 September 2011. Posted in General Autograph News


The Case of the Disappearing Documents
One collector's love for presidential memorabilia lasted decades—and led to an indictment roiling a cloistered world..

At age 10, Barry Landau wrote a letter to Dwight D. Eisenhower, admiring his "very beautiful" wife and offering his assessment of where the general stood in the country's pantheon of great leaders. "I think you lived the most exciting and the most interesting life then [sic] any other President of our United States," according to a copy of the letter released by the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum.

Ronald Reagan: Celebrating the Centennial of His Birth 1911-2011

on Sunday, 24 April 2011. Posted in General Autograph News

View Our Virtual History Exhibitions Online



This exhibition features letters, manuscripts and signed photos that celebrate various aspects of the remarkable life and character of Ronald Reagan, the 40th U.S. President. There are examples of his optimism and his pessimism; letters about his fierce presumption of racial equality, and manuscripts decrying riots, lawlessness and a coercive state. Featured, too, is a photo of Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin inscribed “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!” Present is a letter written shortly after surviving his own assassination attempt saying, typically, that he was feeling fine. Ronald Reagan led an extraordinary life: this exhibit allows us to celebrate its rich diversity.

Hunting Channel

  • Autograph hunting at 50th anniversary of Kartclub Kerpen + Belgium F1 Grand Prix 2011

    50th anniversary of Kartclub Kerpen with Michael and Sebastian Vettel

    Both, Michael and Sebastian, were close to the fans. So it was possible to collect a lot of great autographs. Michael wrote autographs in many different situations. Sebastian wrote even more always trying to fulfill every autographs wish. At the end of the day I had more Michael autographs as usual.

    Directly after leaving Kerpen, I travelled to Spa in Belgium. F1.

  • Title

    Formula One testings in Barcelona 2011

    All the interest was focused on Sebastian. During the day it was nearly impossible to collect his autograph. But there was a good chance in the late evening. Then all the fans were away so we got our requested signatures. Great to see that Sebastian is still very kind although he is a Champion!


  • Steven Spielberg

    Steven Spielberg

    When I have heard that Steven Spielberg comes to my city I was deeply excited. I thought about a chance to get one of the best autograph in my collection. Spielberg has shoot scenes here in Wroclaw  to his new movie called 'St. James Place'. Basically, sets were located in Berlin and Potsdam, but a crew planned to visiting Poland for a few days. Additionally, local media spread rumors about Tom Hanks, Janusz Kaminski or Sebastian Koch are coming as well. Finally, in the middle of November, here they come. 
  • Autograph Collecting during F1 Winter testings in Spain

    Autograph Collecting during F1 Winter testings in Spain


    It was quite unusual to see Sebastian Vettel in red colors. But good news: he is still the most friendly driver in the F1 paddock. He had really fun to sign Ferrari pictures, although he does not sign as much as in the past. But still very satisfying.

    Kimi was like always. He signed one photograph per meeting, but it was really tough to meet and get him.

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